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For decades The Embers have been making music by playing a mix of rhythm and blues and heart and soul. Rhythm and Blues became the foundation and essence of soul music and the Motown sound, but in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Alabama, the name that applies is “Beach Music.” Some believe that Beach Music is simply lyrics that are easy to sing with simple melodies and pretty harmonies that accompany them. Bobby Tomlinson, drummer and leader of the band, believes that Beach Music is music with a memory.


To say “The Embers play Beach Music” is an understatement. After eighteen albums and numerous single releases, The Embers are one of the most popular and active groups in the country. The Embers boast an average of two hundred fifty dates per year all ranging from Toronto to Florida and westward to California, Hawaii and most recently South Korea. Over the years they’ve played for presidents and princes, students and bankers, at the beach and in the city, on record and in concert, for our armed forces and audiences all around the world.


There are many bands or groups today yet few that are considered a musical institution. The Embers have solidified their position as a thriving musical entity leaving their mark on listeners for decades.


The Embers boast numerous albums and single releases that span decades and all the crazes continuing to exhibit top quality showmanship, musicianship and professionalism. Having been inducted into the South Carolina Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame and most recently the South Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame, The Embers are honored to carry the moniker of North Carolina's Official Ambassadors of Music. This group has traveled the country and the world and have performed for every event imaginable from the highest dignitaries to the hottest back yard frat parties. The Embers were also honored to travel throughout South Korea to perform their Christmas special 'Christmas with the Embers' on American Military bases for America's troops in December of 2007 and 2008. The Embers were awarded Military Coins of Excellence for their distinguished service.


The Embers are widely considered a musical MARVEL and have laid the groundwork for what has become known as 'Beach Music' in the Carolinas, Virginias, the gulf coast region of North America and every beach in between. A true musical tradition with which many Americans have grown. The Embers consider the genre of Beach Music as "music with a memory" and have been creating lasting memories since its inception in 1958. Simply put - Heart and Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Feel Good Music.


Today, touring is commonplace for The Embers regularly boasting an average of 225 shows per year. The Embers also embark on a cruise each year for their friends and fans to various locations throughout the Caribbean. The Embers also continue their tradition of Christmas shows throughout the holiday season this year celebrating their 8th consecutive season!


The Embers have released more than 25 albums and singles releases through the years and are currently working towards the completion of a brand new album getting back to the basics that afforded the group its initial success. Two singles 'Little Mama' and 'Lovey Dovey' are currently available from this forthcoming release and have been steadily climbing the beach music charts.


The history and complete scope of this group is soon to be realized in a documentary film 'The Embers - The Heart and Soul of Beach Music' as well as a book chronicling its history complete with fan testimonials and legendary tales of years gone by. The nearly two hour feature includes interviews from original, past and present members of the group telling the complete story of this legendary band from its inception through today. This package is being written, filmed and produced by Skip Crayton and Bill Benners in collaboration with McBryde Publishing and Digital Wunderland.


Though Ember members have changed throughout the years, one common denominator has remained the same. Bobby Tomlinson is the group's founder, band leader and drummer and still performs every show today. He is the last remaining original member. THE EMBERS of today consist of: Bobby Tomlinson (Founder/Band Leader/Drummer), Craig Woolard (Lead Vocalist/Saxaphone), Jeff Grimes (Guitar/Sax/Vocals), Stephen Pachuta (Trumpet/FlugelHorn), Hugh Blanton (Bass), Andy Swindell (Piano/Vocals), and Bob Nantz (Trombone/Trumpet).


THE EMBERS are truly one of the finest entertainment experiences of our lifetime. If you see their show once - you'll undoubtedly see them again!


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