Swingin Medallions

How does a band endure the generations? The group’s signature high-energy style delights audiences of all ages. Their act, as well as their music, is indeed timeless. The band was founded in 1962 by John McElrath and now includes his sons, Shawn and Shane; plus, Joe Morris, the original drummer, who makes as many shows as he can!


Featuring an ever-popular horn section, the group effectively blends the sounds and music of yesterday and today. The band has performed throughout the nation in thousands of venues. Their diverse repertoire has made them overwhelming favorites with college audiences as well as the more mature rock and rollers.


The band was made famous by its 1.5 million selling hit album, “Double Shot of My Baby’s Love”, in 1966. It remains the signature song of the band. The song, in fact, continues to demonstrate its timeless quality on radio, television and in motion pictures. “Double Shot” was followed with another hit, “She Drives Me Out of My Mind”, in 1967. In 1969, they released yet another hit, “Hey, Hey Baby”, the song featured at their 2004 Gator Bowl Half-Time Show performance. The band released countless other singles through Capitol and Smash Records.

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Current Swingin' Medallions

Shawn McElrath


Shawn is the oldest son of the founder of the band, John McElrath. Shawn has been on stage with the Medallions since 1983. Shawn graduated from Lander University and resides in Greenwood, SC. He also plays with the Lander Jazz Ensemble and the Double Shot Gang.


Shane McElrath


Shane is the youngest son of the founding father of the band, John McElrath. Shane has been on stage with the Medallions since 1986. With Shawn, Shane keeps the band going by ushering in the second generation of the band. Shane resides in Greenwood, SC and has one son.


Chris Crowe


Chris, born in Guam, grew up in Easley, SC. He moved to Greenwood, SC in 1993 to attend Lander University. While at Lander, Chris would start his Medallion career in 1996 and be a member of the band until 2003. After resigning from the band, Chris opened his own company, American Refinishing. Chris rejoined the band in 2011. He now resides in Greenwood, SC and has three kids.


Josh Snelling


Josh has been playing trumpet for 22 years and singing since high school. He has been with the band for 16 years. He is married and he and his wife, Laura, reside in Greenwood, SC. They together have three boys. He joined the band in the fall of 2006, while a student at Lander University.


John Smith Buchan


John Smith is the nephew of the founding father of the band, John McElrath. He began his band career by working crew the summer of 2007. John Smith then returned to the band in 2009-2011, where he worked his way from crew to on stage as a front man for the band. John Smith left the band for four years and returned in the summer of 2015. John Smith currently resides in Greenwood, SC.


Richard Loper


Richard, from Laurens, SC, has been a musician all his life. He joined the Medallions while attending Lander University in 1986. He stayed with the band until 2002 where he took time off to raise his daughter, Addison. In 2017, Richard left his sales job with Ford and rejoined the band. He currently resides in Greenwood, SC.

Marcus Gullen


Marcus is the newest addition to the Medallions. He is a magnetic and energetic entertainer, as well as a super talented multi-instrumentalist and singer. He strives to connect with the crowd; encouraging them to use music to create memories. His influences include Dave Matthews Band, Kenny Logins, Chicago, and Hall & Oats.


Ronnie Goldman (R.G.)


Ronnie has been with the band off and on for the past 45 years. He rejoined the band in 2019. Currently residing in Greenwood, Ronnie is the father of one son and a daughter, and late daughter Michael Katherine Goldman. He was a founding member of Kinfolk Band, Fabulous Expression, and Shag Attack. Ronnie also played with the likes of Percy Sledge, in the late 70’s.


Joe Morris


Joe Morris, from Ninety-Six, SC, is one of the co-founding members of the Medallions. He and a couple other originals started as the Emeralds, later changing the name to Medallions, and then finally to the Swingin’ Medallions. Joe was the drummer all through the 60’s and played the skins on “Double Shot”. Since its inception, Joe has been one of the band’s biggest advocates. Joe currently resides in Columbia, SC, and makes it to as many shows as he can.


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